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Heating and Air Conditioning service for in suite units



Commercial (LTC, Dorm, Office space)

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What You Need To Know

Our streamlined process is designed for your convenience, no more broad delivery times you see at most service companies. Expect punctuality and quality service, everytime.

Installation is Available

From sale to installation - Our full PTAC service offers fast deliveries & installs, always done right the first time. Pick your product, pick your time slot, we got the rest.

Payment after we Install

You only pay after we have installed and showed you how to work your unit. We want you to have control every step of the way.

After Sales Service

Need help with your thermostate? Need a repair or filter change? Want to learn how to clean your unit correctly or want us to do it? We cover all your PTAC needs, no matter how big or small. Our contact info is on all of our units.

24hr Support

When you purchase with us, we take care of your unit for the rest of its life. Designed for your peace of mind, no matter what time, we got you covered.

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Mon to Thurs: 7am - 7pm

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