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Straight from Google

Their AC service was quick and well organized especially during these hard times, honestly they were excellent from the sales to installation stage.

April 8, 2021

Spencer Cratt

Just bought an Amana AC for our townhouse, great service, staff, and the owner is super nice too! I was worried about the stairs and our living situation but absolutely no hassles and extremely quick service, right on time too. I'm sure i'll contact them again for repairs or maintenance in several years.

Jan 14, 2021

Jonas Lee

Fantastic work and staff from this location, a breath of fresh air! That was just so effortless, now i can enjoy the day haha. My only question is why cant other companies, like the big furniture stores have the same type of delivery system in place?

Dec 21, 2020

Kelly Damon

I want to express my thanks to Aidco of the excellent services provided last week. The work was done in a timely and professional manner. Sam was very helpful, experienced and friendly. Repair is neat and tidy. I would recommend to my friends & neighbors without any reservations. Good job!

August, 2018

Peggy Chai

After a long search for a company and some really bad experiences, I was referred to Aidco. They were extremely professional, well priced! I had a complex problem and they were very accommodating and truly helped me with my price point. I was impressed by their guarantee and management also their experienced technicians. I highly recommend them, they really go out of their to help!

Novemember, 2020

Tony Giovanni

It was pretty straight forward, our experience. There was no uphill battles or anything along those lines which felt nice and comfortable. I didn't fully know what was happening since I live in a condo and this project was done by the landlord but everything went fine and one of the guys was really nice which is why I wrote this review, otherwise I wouldn't care to write anything because I'm lazy.

June, 2016

Hans and Carter

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