GE Zoneline Packaged Terminal Heat Pump

Energy Saving Efficiency

Zoneline air conditioners are on average 7% more efficient than the leading competitor. See video

Experience Quiet Comfort

Zoneline air conditioners are one of the Industry's quietest PTAC units.

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Simplified structure

Easy to maintain and service.

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With over one million units installed across America., and with remarkably low service issues, GE Zoneline® PTACs offer unrivaled reliability, consistent performance and constant guest comfort.

Our PTAC techs service your Zoneline—and any other GE appliances you have—in no time, so guest comfort is not compromised.

Includes all resistant heat features, plus: • Staged heating • Heat pump with supplemental resistance heat • Reverse cycle defrost

  • Reverse cycle defrost | Prolongs heat pump operation, saving energy and money.
  • Electronic temperature limiting | Limits are preset to save energy and avoid excessive temperature swings.
  • Heat & freeze sentinels | Specially designed sentinels protect your property by preventing overheating or freezing.
  • Extensive heat source logic | Smart technology lets each unit automatically select the right heat source to efficiently meet guest needs.
  • Smart programming | Every unit is programmed to balance guest comfort with efficient operation.
  • Simplified structure | Easy to maintain and service.
  • Premium Guard Corrosion Protection | Special coatings keep each part performing at peak condition, longer.
  • Easy to Service | Zonelines have integrated structural components for easy maintenance and support.
  • Durable design | Rustproof base pan comes standard on all models.
  • Service diagnostics port | Technicians can quickly diagnose problems.
  • Quick connect | The thermostat, central desk control and external fan can be connected in seconds for faster installation and servicing.

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