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What is BTU and BTUH?

BTU is the amount of heat to be added or removed in order to raise or lower the temperature of a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. BTUH is the number of BTU’s required to raise or lower the temperature of a given substance or space a calculated number of degrees and maintain that temperature for one hour. This is what you find from a “heat loss” or “heat gain” calculation. This is a must to determine the equipment capacity required by the air conditioner.

Do I need a heat pump or electric heat?

This is a tricky question, most people assume they need a heat pump for cost efficient reasons. However since most of our customers reside in Canada where the temperature is colder for most of the year, we rarely see the benefits of a heat pump. The heat pump does not kick in until the weather reaches a certain temperature, otherwise it is using electric heat. So if you are okay that the heat pump system will only work for a few weeks out of year, than we are happy to assist you with that purchase. Otherwise the electric heat models will do a fantastic job all year round.

What is a PTAC/PTHP?

Its a type of self-contained heating and air conditioning system commonly found in hotels, motels, senior housing facilities, hospitals, condominiums, apartment buildings, add-on rooms & sunrooms.

Cooling availability by means of a complete factory assembled refrigeration system consisting of compressor, evaporator, air or water cooled condensing means; a removable chassis on which the assembly is mounted.
Heating availability independent of cooling, with purchaser’s choice of use with hot water (hydronic), steam, electric (strip heaters) or reverse cycle (heat pump). System requires a means for forced heat-air circulation.

What is a VTAC?

An air conditioner that has a vertical configuration and is typically installed in a closet-like corner enclosure in a room. Since these units are hidden from view, they provide a more ‘home like’ appearance. All vertical units must be controlled by a remote wall thermostat.

Do we offer warranty?

Every product we offer comes with the standard manufactured warranty. Our Applied Comfort products can come with an optional extended 5 year warranty.

How do I clean/maintain my new unit?

Check out our Maintenance Protection plan, we show you how to maintain the unit on your own OR you can join our plan and we will come over once or twice a year to clean/maintain the unit for you!

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Their AC service was quick and well organized especially during these hard times, honestly they were excellent from the sales to installation stage.

April 8, 2021

Spencer Cratt

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Just bought an Amana AC for our townhouse, great service, staff, and the owner is super nice too! I was worried about the stairs and our living situation but absolutely no hassles and extremely quick service, right on time too. I'm sure i'll contact them again for repairs or maintenance in several years.

Jan 14, 2021

Jonas Lee

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Fantastic work and staff from this location, a breath of fresh air! That was just so effortless, now i can enjoy the day haha. My only question is why cant other companies, like the big furniture stores have the same type of delivery system in place?

Dec 21, 2020

Kelly Damon