Applied Comfort i42 Series Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Highly Efficient

In real-world conditions the modulating inverter chassis means that the inefficient start/stop of the compressor is eliminated.

Very Quiet

Inverter compressor, condensor fan, and evaporator fan slow to match cooling and heating demand of room, reducing operating sound levels.

Consistent Dehumidification

Modulating inverter technology ensures a cold condensing evaporator coil in part-load to keep comfortable humidity levels, eliminating clamminess in humid conditions.



i42 inverter uses advanced inverter control with Mitsubishi inverter compressors to provide the highest efficiency cooling and heating, lowest noise levels, and the best temperature and humidity control under part-load conditions. i42 inverter is engineered to modulate it’s components to eliminate inefficient ‘cycling’ on and off of the compressor, reduce power consumption under part-load demand, and maintain a consistent evaporator condensing surface for humidity control.

  • Mitsubishi INVERTER Variable Speed Compressor
  • Ultra Quiet Operation — compressor and indoor fan automatically slow down to match cooling and heating demand — in part-load conditions, the i42 Inverter is a quiet machine!
  • High Energy Efficiency — part-load energy consumption is much lower than normal PTACs
  • Constant Humdity Control — the evaporator surface remains ‘active’ under part-load conditions ensuring constant humidity control
  • Precise Temperature Control — modulating chassis reduces output to match demand, and maintain precise temperature control
  • Digital Control Display — Temperature Display on unit
  • Blue Fin Anti-corrosion Treatment for Condenser
  • Auto Restart
  • Room Freeze Protection
  • Dip Switch setting for temperature limiting
  • Fresh Air Ventilation, 70 CFM @ 0.3 ESP with Open Damper Door

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