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Amana Air Conditioners

We offer Amana PTACs, Heat Pumps, and their Vertical counterparts. Suitable for any in room AC replacement, these units are quiet, reliable, and energy efficient. Installation and After Sales Service is available.

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Amana Air Conditioners from 7000 to 15000 BTU

Some of the most popular PTAC units in the market and for good reason. You cant go wrong when you choose Amana.

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Amana Air Conditioners with Heat Pump from 7000 to 15000 BTU

Just like the regular PTAC models but with a heat pump in addition to the electric heat.

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Amana Vertical Air Conditioners

Perfect for your condo, these units are designed for endurance and reliability. You just cant go wrong.

Do you need 1 Air Conditioner or 100? We got you covered.

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