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Aidco is a Canadian company that was once was a HVAC company, but now focuses on just in room air conditioners such as PTACs, VTACs, and their Heat Pump counterparts. We specialize in the supply of these units for all Canadian regions and provide streamlined service in Ontario. Our niche focus allows us to spend quality time on what matter most to our customers that big brand stores and service companies dont have the time or resource to do so.

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What was once a HVAC company servicing a variety of HVAC solutions to the Greater Toronto Area has now become a PTAC focused service and supply company to accomodate the specific needs of these customers. Big brands dont have the time or simply do not care enough to customize their service plan for PTAC units, this results in the customer paying too much for their service and products. We decided to listen to these customers and create a company who solely focuses on them.

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The Facts

Our mission is to apply the same convenience from ordering clothes online to ordering an air conditioning unit for your household. Too often than not this process can be strenuous, inconvenient, and ultimately costly for the homeowner. We decided to do something about it by implementing a service and supply company that directly communicates with customers like you. No more inconveient delivery times, no more expensive products you dont understand. Our focus is simple and reliable, 365 days of the year.


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